WordCamp Atlanta 2013

My lovely wife, Mindy Merenghi, and most of the US WooThemes crew got together in Atlanta this past weekend. We were there for WordCamp, obviously. It was a great time this last weekend, so listen up! :)

I’ve wrote a little bit more about it over at WooThemes, but here is more of my personal take on the weekend. I’d convinced Mindy to come try out a WordCamp as publishing has been a fairly significant part of our lives for awhile, even though it’s slipped as of late. We of course use WordPress to do so, but nonetheless I thought we’d hear some great sessions on creating content. I was definitely right, as we sat in on some really inspiring sessions about writing and publishing.

Both of the points that made the biggest impact for me came from sessions by members of the 8bit crew. The first coming from John Saddington. To sum it up, ideas strike when we’re not ready. We put off creating action or doing these ideas when we should be doing. Act on intuition was something I took away from this. I see it applicable to all areas of my life, but especially where I dream of things I’d like to do with my life. I don’t want to only dream about them, I want to do them.

The second came from Chris Ames. His session really helped bring home the point of why anyone should write. It could be for numbers of reasons, but if you can “wrestle your writing muse to the dusty earth” then inspiration will be found. I’ve already got a blog idea board capturing ideas for posts. For me I want to write more as there are things I want to remember. This blog is my digital way of keeping a journal, and we can’t be afraid of the publish button if we’ve got something to say.

This was my first WordCamp and both Mindy and I enjoyed it. If you are into writing, self publishing, design, or development using WordPress I give WordCamps two thumbs up! Here are a few shots from the weekend.

Here Goes Nothing!

Mindy and I decided to combine our powers to become Two Are Better sometime during early 2011. We’ve been planning and working to get to this point for a while. I’m excited it’s finally here! Our first business adventure is finally rolling, so check out our site and get a nice discount on pictures while you’re at it. 😉

We’ll be posting a lot there, so stay tuned!

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