Film Rolls 4-7

If you want to read about my current obsession with real life celluloid film, then start here. I just had four more rolls developed this week, and they stretch back into the middle of June. The four color rolls were Kodak Gold 400, the black and white is Ilford XP2 400. I have one more roll of Kodak Gold and Ilford Xp2 each, you can expect 8-9 soon. From there I’m tempted to get some 120 film and put it in our older medium format cameras. That would also require me to buy a film scanner though… 😉


Film Rolls 1 – 3

If you’ve not heard, Mindy and I have decided to focus our business, Two Are Better, solely on videography. We have about 4 more weddings where we are actually the photographers this year. They had booked us before we made the decision to do so. Thus our career of taking photos for clients will be wrapping up shortly.

Knowing that we still love taking photos for our personal lives, it accelerated my want for an old 35mm film camera. I’ve posted a few pics via Instagram of the weapon of choice. I grabbed 3 rolls of film and a Canon AE-1 Program + 50mm f/1.8 from Roberts in downtown and started this new hobby. I finally got those 3 rolls shot and developed this week, so I’m sharing my favorites below.


First Impression of the Drobo Mini

We decided to up our speed and storage by getting a Drobo Mini. You can read more about the specs at that link. We stuffed four 750GB drives in it, plus a 64GB mSATA SSD in the accelerator bay.

This setup replaces a smaller 500GB travel drive we had used while travelling and shooting. With the Drobo Mini, we’ll have quite a bit more storage and protection from disk failure while out and about. Two things we were sorely lacking before. When we’re finally at home base this also get’s backed up to either of our desks 2TB backup drives, as well as to a Time Machine drive on the network.

I’ll probably write a post on Two Are Better in the near future about how we protect and use data. So look out for that, until then enjoy some snapshots and speed tests from the Drobo Mini

Long Exposure At Little Prairie Lake

My lovely wife got back from her Grandma’s just in time for us to take a quick visit to Little Prairie Lake. I grabbed a tripod and our camera to try some long exposure on the fast setting sun, while Mindy and Jasper ran around the lake.

My settings varied on all these photos. Anywhere from a 5 to 30 second exposure, ISO from 400-800, Aperture ranged from 4.5 to 22. Shot on our 5D Mk II using the Flaat 10 profile. Edited in Lightroom 4 using modified VSCO presets.

Morning Coffee Routine #2

I had posted a little photo way back when of my routine of making coffee in the morning, which now this post and video is just the continuation of. Mindy and I had the idea for a little while to create a mini doc tentatively titled “Weekend-ing”, which is where this short video came from. We had started fleshing out ideas and plans for this video, and even shot a lot of clips last weekend, but I don’t think we felt good enough with the idea in it’s current state. Nonetheless, it was nice to dust off the cobwebs and shoot a little bit.

I couldn’t let all our clips go to waste though. I scanned over all of them and thought I can pull a little bit out of these clips of us making breakfast. And this is what you get, a sequel to the Early Morning coffee post! This time in video form.

Like I said it was nice to shoot a little again. I updated our picture profiles on our cameras as well as the Magic Lantern software, used a new tool to convert those pesky files to ProRes instead of letting FCP X do it, tried out some different grading tools, etc… I had fun getting to edit a little, hope you enjoy!

WordCamp Atlanta 2013

My lovely wife, Mindy Merenghi, and most of the US WooThemes crew got together in Atlanta this past weekend. We were there for WordCamp, obviously. It was a great time this last weekend, so listen up! :)

I’ve wrote a little bit more about it over at WooThemes, but here is more of my personal take on the weekend. I’d convinced Mindy to come try out a WordCamp as publishing has been a fairly significant part of our lives for awhile, even though it’s slipped as of late. We of course use WordPress to do so, but nonetheless I thought we’d hear some great sessions on creating content. I was definitely right, as we sat in on some really inspiring sessions about writing and publishing.

Both of the points that made the biggest impact for me came from sessions by members of the 8bit crew. The first coming from John Saddington. To sum it up, ideas strike when we’re not ready. We put off creating action or doing these ideas when we should be doing. Act on intuition was something I took away from this. I see it applicable to all areas of my life, but especially where I dream of things I’d like to do with my life. I don’t want to only dream about them, I want to do them.

The second came from Chris Ames. His session really helped bring home the point of why anyone should write. It could be for numbers of reasons, but if you can “wrestle your writing muse to the dusty earth” then inspiration will be found. I’ve already got a blog idea board capturing ideas for posts. For me I want to write more as there are things I want to remember. This blog is my digital way of keeping a journal, and we can’t be afraid of the publish button if we’ve got something to say.

This was my first WordCamp and both Mindy and I enjoyed it. If you are into writing, self publishing, design, or development using WordPress I give WordCamps two thumbs up! Here are a few shots from the weekend.